The Guardian and Who Gives A Crap team up to ‘uncrap’ the world

The Guardian and eco-friendly toilet paper brand Who Gives A Crap have teamed up to help ‘uncrap’ the world with a campaign revealing sustainable actions that people take from home.

Brand experience director Kat Kearney said Who Gives A Crap wanted to show that – while people are feeling overwhelmed by the climate doom and gloom – “big change can start from something small as sitting on the loo”.

The brand’s ‘bottom up’ partnership with the Guardian is part of a broader campaign asking consumers to make a switch from traditional toilet paper brands to Who Gives A Crap’s 100% recycled and bamboo products.

With more than one million trees being cut down each day to make traditional toilet paper, the campaign is part of a wider drive to help stop “flushing forests down the toilet”. The launch also coincides with Who Gives A Crap being listed in Waitrose, it’s first entry into UK retail.

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In the UK, the multichannel campaign includes a three-minute video with comedian Zoe Lyons informing audiences how they can do more for the environment, a full Guardian paper takeover, digital and print display ads, and an online collection of articles.

In Australia, the Guardian is hosting talent-led social posts, a four-part podcast and online articles, with pieces exploring the connection between loo paper and deforestation and making eco-swaps.

The campaign — which started at the end of May and will run until the end of July — also uses Green eCPM, a digital streaming format can reduce data transfer up to 40% compared to conventional technology, with data reduction closely associated with carbon reduction.

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