Data: England sees just seven onshore wind turbine applications in 2023

England submitted only seven applications for onshore wind turbines in 2023, all of which were to replace existing turbines or for private sites producing energy for particular clients, such as businesses.

This is despite prime minister Rishi Sunak easing planning rules to make building onshore wind farms easier, lifting what had effectively been a ban on new sites.

As reported by the Guardian, the number was lower than the 10 applications submitted in 2022, when the ban was still in force.

Additionally, no new plans had been submitted since the easing of rules in September.

In Scotland, at least 46 applications for onshore wind development were made over the same period, where no ban has ever been in force.

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Thinktank New Economics Foundation head of environment and green transition Chaitanya Kumar said: “Onshore wind remains the cheapest source of clean energy in the UK and has already contributed to billions in savings for UK households.

“But England continues to miss out on tapping this valuable resource, while Scotland and the rest of Europe add large amounts of wind capacity every year.”

“This government needs to further revise its planning policy framework, remove any remaining restrictions for new projects, and encourage greater community ownership of onshore wind,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities said: “We updated the National Planning Policy Framework in September 2023 to make it easier and quicker for onshore wind projects to come forward, where there is local support.

“These changes will need time to take effect but will ultimately pave the way for more projects while ensuring that the views of the community are taken into account.”

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