The Perfume Shop invests £2.5m to reduce packaging by 40%

High street retailer The Perfume Shop is planning to reduce its packaging by as much as 40% by automating its packaging machines as part of a £2.5m investment.

The packing machines, which have been designed by Breathe Technologies, will be able to fold boxes to the exact size of the content included, reducing the overall cardboard and parcel size.

Not only this, but the cardboard used is made in the UK and is 90% recyclable.

Once the new packaging innovations are in place, The Perfume Shop will also see a reduction in overall carbon emissions as less delivery trucks will be required on the road.

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“This scale of investment demonstrates The Perfume Shop’s commitment to our customers, our communities, and our colleagues,” said managing director Gill Smith.

“While we remain committed to delivering a brilliant customer shopping experience, we’re also seeing our e-commerce business move from strength-to-strength.

“Investment into warehouse automation will ensure we’re keeping up with the increasing demands of our online business.”

Last year, the beauty retailer launched the UK’s first multi-brand fragrance refill station in partnership with L’Oréal.

At the time, Smith said fragrance is the “leading innovation in the market” for refillable beauty products.

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