Peroni and Grolsch owner Asahi looks to make deliveries more sustainable

Asahi, owner of the Peroni and Grolsch beer brands, has teamed up with the UK’s largest wholesaler on a project aimed at making deliveries more sustainable.

The partnership between Asahi UK, the UK arm of beer giant Asahi, and LWC, aims to save 245 tonnes of CO2 a year by taking up to 450 journeys off the road.

In addition, the partnership aims to plant over 3,700 trees to help restore UK nature.

The project encourages LWC depots across England and Wales to place fewer but larger orders to ensure that deliveries are as productive and efficient as possible.

Asahi UK will also reward successful depots by planting an incremental number of trees, depending on the depot size and target achieved.

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If the depots hit all their vehicle reduction goals, the partnership aims to plant over 3,700 trees, supporting the effort to restore the UK’s natural environment.

The tree planting will be led by Thames 21, an environmental charity working across London and the Thames River basin.

Tree planting forms a key part of their mission by creating habitats that boost biodiversity, sequester carbon and reduce soil erosion & water pollution from farm run-off, protecting local rivers.

Tim Clay, managing director, Asahi UK – whose brand portfolio also includes Asahi Super Dry and and Fullers – said: “The project’s work reducing road-miles is a great example of how we can work with our partners to tackle our scope 3 emissions and work towards our Legacy 2030 sustainability targets. Reducing emissions throughout our supply chain is a key focus for our business, and we will only achieve this by working in partnership with our suppliers and customers.”

In May this year, Carlsberg, Guinness and other global brewers teamed up to highlight the virtues of the ancient West African grain fonio and its potential for more sustainable brewing.

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