New UK onshore windfarms planned after Labour overturns rules

New onshore windfarms are already being planned in the UK, following Labour’s decision to overturn a ban on turbines after the party’s general election victory.

At least half a dozen renewables developers have begun identifying potential sites for full-scale windfarms in England, according to a report in the Guardian.

The move follows Labour overturning a Conservative rule which meant that objections could block new onshore wind projects.

The ban has meant that no large-scale onshore wind farms have been built in England in nearly 10 years.

Germany’s RWE, one of the UK’s biggest wind developers, told the newspaper it had begun identifying sites before Labour’s general election victory and said it expects its pipeline of new projects to develop “quite quickly”.

EDF Renewables, Cariolis Energy, RES Group and Ridge Energy and have also said they are looking to kickstart windfarm projects in England.

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Ian Hunt, the global head of asset management for RES Group, which built England’s second windfarm, said: “England is definitely a core market for us. But each project will be judged on its own merits and in light of the impact it might have on the environment and local communities.”

Coriolis Energy is said to be considering six sites. in England. 

Ed Miliband, the energy secretary, said: “The onshore wind ban was in place for nine years, and this government has removed it in 72 hours.

“We are wasting no time in investing in the clean homegrown energy that our country needs to lower bills and make Britain energy independent. We welcome investors responding to this announcement by moving forward with plans to invest in Britain’s clean energy future.”

England submitted only seven applications for onshore wind turbines in 2023, all of which were to replace existing turbines or for private sites producing energy for particular clients, such as businesses.

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