Mondra partners with Manufacture 2030 to simplify grocery Scope 3 reporting

Two carbon reporting systems are teaming up to help simplify the carbon reporting and management process for grocers, brand owners and their supply chain partners as the sector transitions towards net zero.

The tie up between Mondra and Manufacture 2030 aims to help brands with reporting environmental data and software implementation across the supply chain.

The collaboration will also provide a holistic overview of GHG emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3 in a single platform, along with a suite of management tools to help reduce brands’ carbon emissions as the sector transitions towards net zero.

The move follows the British Retail Consortium committing to hit net zero by 2040, meaning that grocers and their supply chain partners have been under increased pressure to deliver carbon data on a more granular level.

Mondra has already teamed with the BRC and is working with more than 85% of the UK grocery sector to help measure and improve the environmental performance of their products and reduce Scope 3 emissions through scaled product footprinting.

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Participating retailers include Tesco, M&S, Co-op, Ocado Retail, ASDA, Lidl and Sainsbury’s, while other major brands include Starbucks and Nando’s.

Carbon reduction platform Manufacture 2030 is collaborating with thousands of manufacturers across over 88 countries to help measure, manage, and reduce their environmental impacts.

Mondra founder Jason Barrett said: “The real win here is the opportunity to enrich data, enhance the improvement insights and accelerate the job of decarbonising supply chains as the sector transitions to net zero.”

Manufacture 2030 head of retail partnerships Florence Batten-Turner, added: “We are thrilled to join forces with Mondra to tackle our shared mission of decarbonizing the UK grocery sector.

“Through our collaboration, we reduce the reporting asks of suppliers in the grocery supply chain, allowing them to focus on taking the necessary actions to reduce their environmental impact and operate more efficiently.”

In March this year, it was revealed that Mondra had appointed Tesco’s head of sustainability Emily Rout as its head of strategic accounts and industry collaboration.

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