UK energy scheme which pays homes to reduce power to expand

An energy scheme which pays homes to cut down energy usage over the winter is now planned to run all year round.

The National Grid’s Electricity Systems Operator (ESO), which moves power around the country, said the Demand Flexibiity Service (DFSscheme will no longer run as awinter emergencyand run the entire year.

The service was introduced in 2022 and offers homes cashback for cutting their electricity consumption during peak hours, such as by turning off ovens or dishwashers.

The idea is that it helps reduce the demand to cut pressure on the national grid and also reduce the chance of possible blackouts. Last winter 2.6million signed up to use the service.

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The ESO also said it is working on plans for aturn upversion of the service which could see homes paid to use extra power generated by renewables such as wind and solar farms on particularly windy and sunny days.

Kayte O’Neill, chief operating officer, ESO, said:The Demand Flexibility Service has been a national first in empowering households and businesses to embrace energy flexibility and to be rewarded in the process.

“As we transition away from requiring DFS as a winter contingency service it is only right that we look to the future of what this service can deliver.”

In March this year, it was revealed the National Grid was proposing a near £60 billion investment upgrade to the UK’s electricity network to ensure the government’s decarbonisation targets are reached.

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