EU to impose higher tariffs on Chinese EVs

The European Union is to impose higher tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, in a spat over what the EU claims are unfair subsidies from Beijing.

The move to raise tariffs comes at a time when many ultra-competitive and lower-cost EVs are undercutting European car makers, such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

In response, the EU has announced tariffs of up to 48% on EVs made in China.

According to the Telegraph, the tariffs – which threaten to push up the price of EVs for drivers in the European Union – will hit those manufactured by MG and Volvo.

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The European Commission, which is the EU’s executive arm, has been probing “unfair subsidies” across EV value chains in China for several months.

It says large government financial assistance from China was key in driving down the cost of cars and production to levels which its European rival can’ compete with.

In March, it was revealed Nissan was planning to cut the costs of manufacturing its electric vehicles (EVs) by 30% by 2030 as it looks to better compete against Chinese rivals.

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