Persil innovation designed to cut laundry emissions by 20%

Persil owner Unilever has launched an innovative new laundry formula designed to be effective in short, 15-minute washing cycles, resulting in significant reductions across both water and energy use.

The new science-backed homecare product, Persil Wonder Wash, utilises cutting-edge Pro-S Technology in response to evolving laundry needs and the changing technology seen in UK homes.

The Wonder Wash products are designed to perform effectively in short, cold-water cycles, which Unilever suggests will save 30% of water and 60% of energy, meaning that the new detergent will reduce emissions per wash by as much as 20%, compared to other Persil products.

With consumers increasingly turning towards short-cycle washes for a variety of reasons – including the desire to save on the cost of energy – the 15-minute laundry detergent has been developed with cutting-edge robotics and AI to directly address these needs.

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Unilever scientists developed a blend of fast-acting ingredients, which activate as soon as the cycle begins, tackling everyday grime and malodour compounds in a matter of minutes.

With 35 patents pending, the innovation is set to create a new category of laundry products.

“Until now, laundry detergents have not kept pace with changing consumer behaviours,” said Unilever Home Care president Eduardo Campanella.

“By harnessing people’s enthusiasm for short cycles for everyday stains, we’re opening up the potential for a new category of short cycle products within laundry,” he said, adding that Unilever was focusing on “reducing environmental impact by encouraging the use of shorter, energy-saving cycles”.

“Using over a century in detergent development, we’ve overcome a real technical challenge to offer outstanding performance even in the shortest timeframe and the difficult washing conditions of the short cycle.”

Persil Wonder Wash is available across grocery and convenience channels from April 2024. The bottle body contains 35% recycled plastic, and the pack is recyclable.


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