London mayor “leading the way” on green issues with new climate plan

The London Mayor is “leading the way” on environmental issues, according to Greenpeace, after he launched a new London climate action plan last week.

Sadiq Khan, who has previously teamed up with King Charles on green initiatives, launched the new plan during a visit to a north London school, along with shadow energy secretary Ed Miliband.

During the visit, Khan, who has billed himself the first “green Mayor of London“, said he was “proud of what we’ve done in London to tackle air pollution and the climate crisis”.

Outlining the new plan, he said he was now “determined to go even further with a new 10-point climate action plan for our city, which includes exciting new initiatives like putting solar panels on school roofs”.

He also took the opportunity to reiterate existing pledges, such as making London net zero by 2030.

Kahn also hit out at rival Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall, saying: “This is no joke. Susan Hall is a proud anti-green candidate who takes a Trumpian approach to the climate crisis.

“She has opposed all the green policies we’ve introduced since 2016, backed the reintroduction of fracking and promoted climate science denial online.”

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Pledges in the new London climate action plan include delivering a 100% zero-emission bus fleet in the capital by 2030, installing air pollution filters in primary schools, providing more than 40,000 new public bike parking spaces by 2030 and more than doubling the number of electric vehicle charging points to 40,000 by 2030.

Khan has also pledged to help schools reach net zero, bolstering a programme to make homes and offices more energy-efficient.

The Labour party also plan on creating jobs in green industries, increasing investment in walking and cycling and planting more trees in the capital.

Paul Morozzo, climate campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said: “Sadiq is leading the way. Londoners want politicians who are serious about climate action and his 10 point plan is a good start.

“People know that climate solutions will not only help the planet, they will help people struggling with the cost of living, a stagnant economy and crumbling public services.

“We all deserve better than politicians who are willing to leave us unshielded from climate impacts.

“Whether it’s Susan Hall in London, or Rishi Sunak in Westminster, the Conservatives will lose if they don’t start taking the climate seriously.”

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