eBay boosts second-hand economy by axing pre-owned fashion fees

eBay is axing fees for people to sell pre-owned clothing on its platform saying the move will “keep more clothes out of landfill”.

The shake-up of its fees means that it will now be free for individuals to sell second-hand clothing, including brand-new items with tags on them, on the online retail giant’s platform.

Existing items for sale on eBay will also benefit, even if they were listed online before Monday 8 April, although seller fees will still apply to those selling trainers and accessories such as watches, jewellery and handbags.

eBay, which also runs a circular fashion Innovator’s fund, said encouraging more people to buy and sell pre-owned clothing was pivotal for creating a circular economy for fashion.

It said that it saved more than 1,600,000 kg of waste going to landfill through sales of second-hand clothing in 20023.

The move by the online giant follows research revealing that 70% of Britons wear half or less than half of their wardrobe on a day-to-day basis, while 92% of individuals have more than one item of clothing they have not worn in the last year.

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The research also discovered just 25% sell their unwanted clothes, with the average consumer holding on to more than £400 worth of clothing that they do not wear, the poll found.

Kirsty Keoghan, general manager of global fashion for eBay, said: “Free fashion selling has come at the right time for a nation sitting on billions of pounds worth of unwanted clothes.

“We know selling clothes can sometimes feel like a chore, so free selling and new updates like new AI-powered listings will help more of us to sell clothes easily, putting more cash in pockets.

“By encouraging more people to buy and sell pre-loved clothing, we’ll keep more clothes out of landfill as we collectively enable a circular economy for fashion.”

Rival resale platform Depop removed its selling fees earlier this year, instead introducing a small fee for UK buyers on each purchase.

eBay has previously teamed up with the British Fashion Council to launch a £100,000 Circular Fashion Fund for a second year running.

Last year, eBay teamed up with UK retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Ikea and Asda to set up a Circular Change Council to promote pre-owned furniture.

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