Morrisons has become the first retailer in the UK to have a product certified as carbon neutral by independent certifier BSI.

The supermarket first launched its carbon neutral eggs in 2022, which are currently known as Better For Our Planet Eggs. The range underwent rigorous independent testing by BSI to determine whether it met a series of international standards for carbon neutral products.

The kitemark certification recognises that Morrisons has achieved a 60% carbon reduction since 2021 on its Better For Our Planet Eggs compared with its standard range of eggs.

Morrisons manufacturing director – technical and sustainability Sophie Throup, said the achievement is an “assurance to our customers that these eggs are in fact better for our planet”.

The accreditation comes as Morrisons commits to reduce its scope 3 emissions by 30% by 2030, with an ambition for this to include net zero agriculture emissions from their direct UK supply chain.

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To secure its carbon neutral certification from BSI, Morrisons introduced a circular feeding scheme, maintained the health and welfare of the hens and used renewable energy to power the hen house.

In addition to this the woodland, hedgerows, grass and wildflower meadows were maintained and developed to capture and store carbon.

The BSI kitemark for carbon neutral products is an assurance to Morrisons customers that its eggs have passed the testing criteria required to certify carbon neutrality from farm to shelf. The scheme also incorporates a carbon footprint management plan which will ensure year-on-year carbon reductions on a product.

“We are pleased to have our ‘Better For Our Planet’ eggs recognised and certified by the British Standards Institute, Throup added.

“The range is the first of many more sustainable products we hope to launch in the future as we work to support farmers supplying us on a net zero pathway.”

Earlier this month, Morrisons launched a new Sustainable Farm Network to support its suppliers in achieving sustainable, net zero farming. The retailer is aiming to eliminate all problematic plastic, as defined by the UK Plastic Pact, by 2025.

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  • Fred Page on behalf of Guisborough Eco Group
    March 26, 2024 3:07 pm

    We are conscious of the need for hard work to achieve better for the Planet eggs, however it would be easy to ask customers to return egg boxes and let them fill their own in the shop. That way egg boxes would be reused instead of recycled or sent to waste. What do you think?


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