Jimmy’s Ice Coffee unveils packaging made from waste

Jimmy’s Ice Coffee brand has transitioned its entire product line to packaging made from crop waste in partnership with Raw Packaging.

The B-Corp certified coffee brand argues that using packaging from crop waste could help to mitigate deforestation and can also reduce carbon emissions used from traditional packaging.

Jimmy’s Ice Coffee head of operations Ben Nethersole said: “By switching to packaging made from crop waste, we are helping to change the mindset of where materials are sourced from, a critical step in conserving our planet’s vital ecosystems.

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“Furthermore, this environmentally conscious approach significantly lowers carbon emissions, playing an integral role in combating climate change.

“Incorporating zero tree packaging into our e-commerce range underscores our commitment to sustainability while appealing to a wider audience that values eco-friendly alternatives.

“We believe this initiative will resonate with environmentally conscious consumers and reinforce our dedication to making responsible choices throughout our business operations.”

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