Nokia accelerates net zero target by 10 years

Nokia has expedited its commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by a decade, saying it will now hit the target by 2040.

The Finnish telecoms group had previously said it would reach the net greenhouse gas emission by 2050. Its new commitment of 2040 now puts it ahead of the Paris Agreement target of net zero by 2050.

President and chief executive Pekka Lundmark hailed the new commitment as showing that net zero was a “business priority” for Nokia.

To get to this new target, Nokia is aiming to decarbonise its car fleet and facilities quicker than it has previously earmarked.

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Across its business, Nokia said it will focus on four key areas across its value chain: product design and innovation, the use of low-carbon electricity, energy and material efficiency and carbon removals.

On product design and innovation, the group said with more than 95% of emissions resulting from products in use, Nokia continues to improve the energy efficiency of its products and solutions.

In terms of low-carbon electricity, Nokia said it is committed to using 100% renewable electricity in its own facilities by 2025 and is working with its supply chain as it transitions to renewables.

To improve energy and material efficiency, Nokia said it “aims to achieve 95% circularity by 2030 in relation to operational waste driving actions to reduce landfilling”.

And on carbon removals, the Finnish company said “credible, permanent carbon removals and storage may be required to neutralise some residual emissions to reach net zero”.

Lundmark added: “By committing to net zero by 2040 we build on our previous climate targets as we look to create technology that helps the world act together.”

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