Warburtons rolls out electric trucks as it moves to zero-emission fleet

Warburtons has invested in a further four electric Renault Trucks E-Tech D16s to help the baker reduce its carbon impact by transitioning to a zero-emission fleet.

Supplied by Renault Trucks dealer JDS Trucks & Vans, the four E-Tech D16s will make up part of Warburtons’ secondary fleet, operating from four of the company’s bakeries in Enfield, Glasgow, Bristol and Bolton.

Warburtons head of transport Steven Gray said: “The performance of our first 16-tonne electric truck has given us the confidence to make this significant investment in four further E-Tech D16s.

“By carefully planning the first vehicle, studying routes, diminishing loads and tail-lift systems, we specified the right vehicle for the job, which has delivered the same quality of service to our customers with zero emissions.”

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In 2021 Warburtons successfully deployed of its first 16-tonne electric truck in Enfield.

Elsewhere, the brand removed 26 tonnes of plastic per year from its pancakes. It also reduced the amount of plastic used by 38% in its giant crumpet trays and they now contain 30% recycled content.

Warburtons has also decreased the use of plastic in its bread bags, saving 173 tonnes of plastic annually.

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