British Glass and Wrap unveil roadmap to achieve 90% glass recycling by 2030

UK glass industry association British Glass and charity Wrap have unveiled a roadmap to achieve 90% glass recycling by 2030.

The report ‘A Roadmap to Closed Loop Glass Recycling’ found that while the UK’s glass recycling rate stands at over 75%, significant untapped potential remains, with approximately 600,000 tonnes of glass lost to residual waste annually.

The roadmap highlights the importance of transitioning away from co-mingling materials towards separate collections for glass as this is a key enabler to improving the final cullet quality for closed loop recycling.

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Additionally, it highlights the need for reductions in the frequency and capacity of residual waste collections, aiming to incentivise recycling behaviours in consumers.

British Glass technical director Dr Nick Kirk said: “Achieving at least a 90% glass recycling capture rate is imperative in fostering a sustainable future for the glass industry.

“This roadmap provides a strategic framework to guide stakeholders in the glass supply chain towards this ambitious but achievable target if the report’s findings are implemented.

“We encourage local authorities and government to continue to engage with ourselves and Wrap; support and collaboration is key in ensuring glass is correctly and efficiently collected and recycled, and this report is a great platform to work from.”

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