Innocent’s £200m renewable factory faces production setback

Innocent’s £200 million fully renewable factory has seen a “slower than anticipated” rate of production due to increasing costs.

The factory called The Blender was opened in Rotterdam in 2021 which the juice maker labelled the world’s first carbon neutral drinks factory.

The Telegraph reported that newly filed accounts highlighted that sales fell by £15.6 million in 2023 which Innocent linked to the increasing costs from energy, logistics and ingredients to increase production at the factory.

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Innocent’s chief operating officer James Davenport said: “The combination of these factors meant our supply chain was unstable and impacted our ability to meet the demand from our customers.”

A spokesman for Innocent said: “We always knew the ambitious nature of the Blender, our factory in Rotterdam, was going to require a significant investment upfront.

“Not only will it allow us to transform the long-term profitability of the business, but as one of the world’s first all-electric, fully renewable energy manufacturing plants, it is a blueprint for the future of sustainable manufacturing.”

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