WWF calls for ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach to regenerative farming

WWF is urging the government and businesses to come together and take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to boost regenerative farming throughout the UK.

Businesses are being urged to work together across the food value chain to fairly distribute costs and risks associated with the transition to nature-friendly farming in a new WWF report, which was sponsored by Natwest.

The report – which provides a clear overview of the action needed to drive private financial investment into regenerative agriculture – says that government intervention is “crucial”.

It comes as farmers across the country are facing unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty due to the shift in government payment schemes coinciding with supply chain disruptions and price pressures, many of which are related to climate change and nature loss.

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The report also sets out where strong ambition, policy and funding from government – as well as action from financial institutions and right across the supply chain – could speed up a transition that delivers for farmers and works for the planet.

For example, actions that the roadmap suggest the food supply chain (retailers, manufacturers and suppliers) can start taking include ensuring fairer procurement practices, coordinating farmer relationships, supporting the reduction of food surplus and waste on farms and working with each other
to deliver on the actions set out in the WWF Basket.

WWF executive director of advocacy and campaigns Kate Norgrove said: “Farmers understandably need assurance that they will be fairly rewarded for transitioning to regenerative practices.

“This report demonstrates how the power of collective action and investment, if underpinned and driven by the government, can unlock a future for farming that makes both economic and environmental sense.”

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