Over 40% of employees see green efforts as a ‘tick-box’ exercise

More than two in every five employees (43%) describe their employer’s environmental efforts as “nothing more than a tick-box exercise”, with a similar number (37%) saying the same about social diversity and inclusion programmes.

Research from consulting practice Vivid found that 22% of respondents think their employer always considers sustainability but will only act on recommendations if it is convenient or does not negatively impact profits.

Additionally, more than one in four (28%) feel frustrated when it comes to their employer’s environmental pledges.

The research also found that almost one-third (31%) are disillusioned with their company’s commitment towards social diversity and inclusion efforts.

Vivid argues that the figures contribute to a ‘communications gap’, where employees recognise their company has set goals but are in the dark on efforts and progress toward these targets.

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While the majority of employees are satisfied with their organisation’s overall commitments to environmental (69%) and social diversity and inclusion (72%) goals, over half (54%) claim they see little or no evidence of the progress being made. Almost one in five (17%) receive no updates at all.

Vivid head Helen Ellis said the figures highlight “words are nothing without action.”

“Employees might know about their organisation’s lofty ambitions but unless they see and hear about progress, they simply won’t believe them.

Ellis added that the research should “serve as a warning”.

“If employees don’t appreciate what their own company is doing, how can potential investors, customers, the press, and the wider public? It’s a missed opportunity as ESG and reputation go hand in hand.

“Organisations must ensure their people are travelling on the environmental and social journey with them.”

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  • It’s called Fashion Sustainability. Meaning it’s fashionable to say your company is sustainable but in reality profit margins are really the important factor and spending an extra 20 cents on something more sustainable will just creep into the bosses bonus.


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