Supermarket giants collaborate to reduce supply chain emissions

Ten major UK supermarkets, including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, have partnered with decarbonisation platform Manufacture 2030 to help reduce emissions throughout their supply chains.

Through the partnership, the supermarkets will be able to equip their supplier base with the resources to reduce emissions with sourcing, manufacture and transportation.

In a joint statement, the supermarkets – joined by Aldi, Lidl, Co-op, Marks & Spencer, Morrisons, Ocado Retail and Waitrose – said: “We cannot underestimate the scale of the task when it comes to decarbonising the grocery supply chain.

“But by empowering our suppliers to take action through our own, individual strategic partnerships with Manufacture 2030, we aim to remove thousands of tonnes of GHGs from our grocery supply chains,” the supermarkets added.

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“We each, individually, restate our commitment to work with M2030 to reduce the environmental impacts of our grocery supply chains.

“This work is vital for the future of our planet, our businesses and, crucially, our customers.”

Manufacture 2030 head of retail partnerships Florence Batten-Turner said: “Major supermarkets play an influential role in decarbonisation, both in their own operations and through broader supply chain optimisation.

“Collective action is vital to make the changes necessary to tackle the climate crisis and we are thrilled that ten of the UK’s leading supermarkets are working with us to deliver on their own environmental commitments,” Florence Batten-Turner added.

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