Meatless Farm urges government to ‘Make Cop Matter’ in new campaign

Vegan food brand Meatless Farm is urging the government to “Make Cop Matter” in a new campaign to support farmers and reduce meat production and consumption.

The brand calls for the government to implement financial supports to help farmers phase out animal farming; tax breaks to encourage farmers to switch to product plant foods and subsidies to be shifted from farming animals to growing crops.

It also calls for food sustainability laws with legally binding targets and governance mechanisms, for example, around food waste and provision of plant-based options.

The brand campaigned for changes by pulling up outside the Houses of Parliament in a digital campaign van featuring the ‘No More Hot Air’ headline and a cow burping out ‘hot air’ clouds last week.

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Meatless Farm argues that transitioning the food system away from a dependence on animals would help meet the Committee on Climate Change’s recommendation of a 20% reduction in meat and dairy production and consumption by 2030 and a 35% reduction by 2050.

Meatless Farm head of marketing Alison Reilly said the food industry needs to see “actions rather than hot air” to come out of Cop28.

“For far too long, food has not been a Cop focus,” added Reilly. Finally, as of this year, it’s on the agenda.”

“[Farmers] need regulatory measures and funding, and support from policymakers, business, industry and investors.”

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