Lidl scraps ‘use by’ dates to prevent food waste

Lidl is replacing ‘use by’ dates with ‘best before dates’ on its own-brand yoghurt and fresh milk ranges to prevent food waste.

The retailer has started to implement the new milk packaging in England and Wales but implement the changes on yoghurts from early 2024.

The move follows Sainsbury’s and Aldi removing ‘use by’ dates to prove net milk being thrown away unnecessarily.

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Lidl head of buying Richard Inglis said the retailer understands that a lot of “perfectly good milk and yoghurt” is being thrown away due to ‘use by dates.’

“It therefore makes total sense to us to make the switch to ‘Best Before’ so that shoppers can use their own judgement on whether their milk or yoghurt is good to consume,” Inglis added.

“We’ve got a long record of making positive change to reduce food waste, and this latest step builds on our commitment to helping households tackle food waste at home.”

Last month, Lidl reported it reduced food waste by 43% since 2016, pushing it on track to hit its 50% reduction target by 2030.

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