Don’t ‘Cop’ out: Campaign urges Cop28 leaders to keep up on climate action

New campaign from Ecologi and Cassette boy urges Cop28 leaders not to “Cop out” on pushing climate action pledges.

“Thanks to me, the UK is too slow,” said prime minister Rishi Sunak, in the ‘Don’t Cop Out’ film.

The lyrics have been reworked, using snippets from Sunak’s speeches and others including Liz Truss, Michael Gove and David Cameron.

The campaign is set to the rhythm of hip-hop classic ‘Hot in Here’ and the lyrics spoken by Sunak read out: “It’s getting hot out there / inaction is what I chose / it’s getting so hot / you do something / I will not”.

It comes as the prime minister was accused of mix messaging at Cop28, after defending his reversal of net zero policies including on heat pumps and energy efficiency.

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Ecologi chief marketing officer Adam Boita said is businesses “don’t have to wait” for government to implement eco-friendly policies.

“They can join other likeminded businesses already making a difference in accelerating global climate action reaping the benefits of brand reputation, customer engagement, employee motivation, revenue and the benefits for our planet,” Boita added.

“Communicating action on climate change is the defining communications challenge of our time.

“Our Don’t Cop Out campaign deploys satire and wit to break down barriers, disarm, while delivering a much needed and important message to business.”

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