Ecojet signs deal for up to 70 ‘zero-emission’ plane engines

Ecojet has signed a deal with firm ZeroAvia for up to 70 hydrogen-electric “zero emission” engines.

Ecojet, which is run by green entrepreneur Dale Vince, who owns Ecotricity and chairs Forest Green Rovers football club, aims to be the world’s first electric airline.

The airline will achieve its zero emissions aircraft goal by retrofitting its aircraft with engines made by the firm ZeroAvia, which has tested out in UK base in Kemble, Gloucestershire.

Despite some critics expressing concern about its feasibility, zero carbon aviation has been bolstered more widely by investment into sustainable aviation fuel.

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Ecojet says the decision to convert old aircraft, rather than build new models from scratch will save up to 90,000 tonnes of carbon per year.

Ecojet founder Dale Vince said: “We don’t have to give up flying to live a green lifestyle or to get to net zero as a country – and this is big news”.

“The technology is here now and the planes are coming very soon – carbon free, guilt free flying is just around the corner.”

“And although aviation is responsible for only a small part of all global emissions, it occupies a far bigger space than that in our psyche.”

ZeroAvia CEO Val Miftakhov added: “Clean aviation will mean increased regional air travel and new routes, Ecojet can capitalise based on their clear focus on low-emission travel”.

“The UK Government’s Jet Zero Strategy has set a great example for the world to follow, but the UK can go much further by being early to act and introducing some of the first zero-emission routes in the world.”

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