Olivia Colman stars in anti fossil fuel campaign for MakeMyMoneyMatter

Olivia Colman stars in a slick and potty-mouthed campaign for MakeMyMoneyMatter, highlighting the damaging relationship between pensions and the fossil fuel industry.

In the film, which coincides with COP28 , ‘The Queen’ and ‘The Favourite’ actor is transformed into a self righteous CEO, oozing condescension as she thanks viewers for unwittingly giving their pension funds to help her enjoy a bumper year of profit.

Directed by Raine Allen-Miller, the critically acclaimed director of ‘Rye Lane’, it sees the character Oblivia Coalmine explain that the cash from pensions helps to “dig, drill and destroy” as never before, adding that they even managed to throw in a couple of wind pipes to “keep Greta and her chums happy”.

She goes on to say that whilst global temperatures may have risen “a teensy weeny bit”, it’s nothing compared to their profits which are “literally soaring”, while the video ends with her raising a toast and spilling the glass of black oil over her face and coat eliciting a “Fracking hell”.

It coincides with research from MakeMyMoneyMatter which suggests that a staggering £88 billion worth of pension savers’ money is invested in fossil fuel companies.

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Olivia Colman said: “Oblivia Coalmine really is a nasty piece of work! But the scariest thing about her is that she represents something very real.”

“That’s why this is such an important campaign. I hope everyone who sees this ad realises the shocking – but unintended – impacts of our pensions and makes their money matter. It really is one of the most powerful things we can all do to protect the planet.”

MakeMyMoneyMatter co-founder Richard Curtis said: “I’ve seen some dark, dystopian characters in my career, and that doesn’t even include Hugh Grant in Love Actually. But I think Oblivia Coalmine is right up there with the worst”.

He added: “At MakeMyMoneyMatter, we hope this sinister performance by Olivia Coleman will highlight a more serious issue – that billions of pounds of our hard-earned pensions are driving the climate crisis.”

“People across the UK want their money to help our planet, not harm it and all our pension schemes must now pay attention, and take immediate and urgent action.”

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