Lidl launches Christmas jumper rental service

Lidl has launched a Christmas jumper rental service in partnership with By Rotation.

Every one of Lidl’s Christmas jumpers between 2020 and 2023 is now available to rent, with three new jumpers designed from upcycled materials.

The move comes as Hubbub reported in 2019 that 12 million jumpers were to be bought that year, despite 65 million already in wardrobes.

A spokeswoman for Hubbub described the Christmas jumper as “one of the worst examples of fast fashion” and warned that such consumer habits are a “major threat” to the planet.

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Slow fashion designer Lydia Bolton, who designed the new Lidl jumpers, said: “Designing and producing these jumpers inspired by Christmas icons from second-hand textiles has been super fun and creative, but knowing they are going to be rented and re-worn also supports my mission of valuing and reusing textiles.”

By Rotation founder and CEO Eshita Kabra said: “With Christmas being one of the top occasions of the year when the demand for purchasing single-wear outfits skyrockets, renting a festive jumper for your holiday season plans is a great way to leave a positive impact on the planet and also save money.”

The jumpers can be rented via the By Rotation app. Rental services started 23 November and will be available 31 December for £2 a day with all profits going to the NSPCC.

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