Currys Black Friday survey highlights consumer appetite for refurbished tech

More than a third (36%) of Brits say they are likely to buy second-hand tech ahead of Black Friday and Christmas shopping this year, according to new research from Currys.

In addition, the research, which looked into the figures behind the ‘refurbished revolution’ in tech, found that Brits are now more likely to buy refurbished tech than they are to buy second-hand clothes (19%).

Over a quarter (29%) also said that they would be more likely to buy refurbished rather than new devices if it helped them reduce their environmental footprint.

Three quarters (75%) of respondents said that they were worried about the amount of e-waste they produce.

Moreover, the younger generation are most likely to buy refurbished tech, with 67% of 18-24 year olds more likely to buy refurbished tech than this time last year.

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Four in five (83%) of this age group say they are concerned by the e-waste crisis whilst one in three (31%) want to actively reduce their environmental footprint.

In total, the UK generates the second highest amount of electronic waste per capita globally – around half a billion cheap electronic items go to landfill each year.

The survey comes as Currys offers £50 off refurbished mobiles until Tuesday 28 November as part of its Black Friday deals.

Currys service director Stephen Pendleton said: “We know that our customers are buying into the refurbished revolution for two main reasons: a desire to be more  mindful – buying a refurbished product means that a valuable device remains in use, rather than being unused, discarded  or recycled, and amazing value for money”.

He continued: “We’re incredibly proud to support our customers on both of these fronts, thanks to our team in Newark who repair, refurbish and sell a whole host of previously unwanted tech at amazing prices.”


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