Unilever prioritises four climate focus areas in new announcement

Speaking at the announcement of Unilever’s quarterly results, Unilever chief executive Hein Schumacher said the company would focus on climate, plastic, nature and livelihoods.

During a webinar attended by Research Live he said that Unilever’s sustainability efforts had been “spread too thinly”: “Everything we do in the area must have material impact for the benefit of Unilever, as well as for the environment and the societies we serve.”

“In recent years, the debate around brands, sustainability and purpose has arguably generated more heat than light. The topics have been conflated and the business case has got confused.”

All of our brands or businesses will be expected to be full and active participants in delivering Unilever’s big four sustainability priorities. This is an enterprise-wide endeavour.”

Unilever was recently part of a group who called on the EU to raise its 2040 emission targets to reduce GHG emissions by at least 90% compared to 1990 levels.

In addition, alongside Tesco and Pepsico, Unilever commit to a regenerative agriculture standard set by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative.

As part of its sustainability aims the brand is currently aiming to achieve a 100% reduction in operational emissions and emissions across its value chain.

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It also hopes to achieve a 19% reduction in the greenhouse gas impact of products across the lifecycle since 2010 – encompassing grid energy decarbonisation, product innovation and changes in the portfolio.

As of 2022 the business a 68% reduction in emissions across its operations in 2022 – with most electricity now from renewable sources.

Unilever previously came under pressure to show to investors that its sustainability focus is good for business.

However, in the past it has also come under fire for greenwashing over its detergent adverts.

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