Shell to cut significant proportion of its low carbon division workforce

Shell is set to cut around 15% of the workforce in its low carbon division, as CEO Wael Sawan  seeks to boost profits.

In a response to a query from Reuters, the fossil fuel company said: “We are transforming our Low Carbon Solutions business to strengthen its delivery on our low carbon core areas such as transport and industry”.

The company’s low carbon division is focused on areas including hydrogen, as well as hydrogen fuelled HGVs and other technologies.

The news comes after Shell said its approach to hitting its net zero target would change.

Shell has said it will still grow its oil and gas business despite the fact that climate experts have warned that new oil and gas expansion is not compatible with the climate crisis.

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Last month the company faced internal pressure after it was revealed that an open letter had been posted on the companies internal web, urging the CEO to invest in more renewable energy.

Advertising agency Havas Media, which recently won a contract with Shell, has been criticised for working with the brand.

Shell has been named one of the top brands for ESG and sustainability communications in a recent report from Investis Digital.

A range of organisations have recently divested from fossil fuel companies; this includes the LGBT Awards which saw protests from top names including Joe Lycett, as well as the Church of England Pension Fund which had seen many years of campaigning, the British Museum and the Tate galleries.

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