Workers scared to call out employers on climate issues

Workers are scared to call out employers on climate issues over fears of being fired or victimised at work.

A survey by whistle-blower charity Protect, as reported by the Guardian, found that workers were worried about blowing the whistle on climate issues due to reprisals. Workers were also unsure on how to submit proof were the main reasons on not reporting on behaviour about the environment.

Employers were also concerned about how their reports would be dealt with.

The survey came after the charity received a “surprisingly” low number of calls about the climate issues.

Of the handful who had contacted Protect about an environmental issue at work over the past decade, 75% said they faced negative treatment as a result.

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Protect legal officer Caitlín Comins said: “Workers are the eyes and ears of an organisation and are best placed to spot when things go wrong.”

“With the right information, they can raise concerns and damage can be prevented, minimising the impact on the environment,” she continued.

“By exposing environmental wrongdoing, they can also help ensure organisations are accountable for their climate impact and there is appropriate intervention where required.”

The Guardian also reported that the Competition and Markets Authority, which has been investigating a number of green claims has not yet received any anonymous tips related to environmental matters.

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