Climate crisis will ‘inevitably’ make beer taste worse

Scientists are warning that the climate crisis will make beer in Europe cost more and taste worse.

Study co-author Miroslav Trnka said it “seems inevitable” from data that “drinkers will definitely see the climate change, either in the price tag or the quality.”

The research found the quality and quantity of hops, a key ingredient, is becoming affected by global warming.

As reported in the Guardian, the experts predict that hop yields in European growing regions will fall by 4 to 18% by 2050 if farmers do not adapt to hotter and drier weather, while the content of alpha acids in the hops, which gives beers their distinctive taste and smell, will fall by 20 to 31%.

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Beer fans: fear not!

Elsewhere, brewers have been researching ways to make sustainable beer.

Surrey brewery One Planet Brewing launched its first beer made using 100% solar power, all of which has been generated on site.

The product will be sold using reusable kegs and glass flagons, with some going into 440 ml aluminium cans.

In addition, the brewery will use home grown hops wherever possible, with the hops being dried, vacuum packed and chilled within 24 hours of picking for maximum freshness.

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