Tesco and Unilever join #TooGoodToWaste food waste campaign

Tesco and Unilever have joined Consumer Goods Forum’s #TooGoodToWaste food waste campaign.

The campaign will aim to inspire consumer behaviour change to reduce food waste. Companies will use the hashtag #TooGoodToWaste as they share their own campaigns, raising awareness and providing tips to reduce waste at home.

Tesco CEO Ken Murphy said food retailers “must work harder” across the entire chain and “engage with customers on the importance of reducing food waste – both in stores and in their own homes.”

“This new campaign supports Tesco’s ongoing commitment to do just that, and we look forward to working alongside other coalition members to drive long-lasting systemic change at a global level,” added Murphy.

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What’s the latest on food waste?

WRAP’s latest Surplus Food Redistribution data highlighted a solid progress in reducing food waste last year, with approximately 170,000 tonnes of surplus food being received by redistribution organisations, equating to just over 400 million meals with a value of more than £590 million.

The new data highlighted that more food was redistributed across all food storage types, with chilled and frozen foods seeing the highest growth across the last year at 34% and 20% respectively.

The retail sector remained the largest source of redistributed surplus food (41%), followed closely by manufacture (32%).

The hospitality and food service sectors saw the highest relative growth over the past four years (10%), and the farming sector provided 5% of surplus food. The remaining 12% is from mixed/other sources.

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