Nestlé, Unilever and PepsiCo commit to regenerative agriculture framework

Nestlé, Danone, Unilever and PepsiCo commit to a regenerative agriculture standard by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI).

In collaboration with farmers, academia, NGOs and these businesses, SAI the framework is designed for practical use at farm-level to drive farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture.

It will allow crops, dairy and beef farmers anywhere in the world to work with supply chain partners to achieve measurable regenerative agriculture outcomes and enables the industry to translate the concepts of regenerative agriculture into action at farm level.

Over 20 leading FMCG companies and farmer cooperatives have already developed and tested the framework across their global supply chains.

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Unilever vice-president business operations Eric Soubeiran said the new framework “sets a new standard for regenerative agriculture globally while providing the needed flexibility at farm level.”

“As individual organisations we have set targets to implement regenerative agricultural practices, but this new framework brings leaders together to work towards one common commitment,” he added.

McCain global director of agriculture sustainability Yves Leclerc said: “We urgently need to transition towards a more regenerative food system – for our people and our planet.

“Having piloted the resources with our growers, I see the potential this can have to provide clarity and consistency on what regenerative agriculture means and the outcomes we are looking to achieve,” added Leclerc.

“The potential impact is huge and the development of this global Framework through cross-industry collaboration is a key step towards scaling the transition to more sustainable farming practices.”

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