Conservatives could lose key seats over environmental issues


The Conservatives risk losing seats in both the Blue Wall and key marginal seats over the climate debate, the news follows the Prime Minister’s U-turn on net zero issues like heat pumps and electric cars.

Polling commissioned by Greenpeace UK found that more than two thirds of people (70%) stated that climate and environmental policies will influence how they vote in the next election.

In addition, the results were even starker in Blue Wall seats and the most marginal seats, with almost 3 in 4 of these constituents stating that these policies will impact how they vote.

“Voters in the most hotly contested seats are saying that climate change matters to them, and they want bold policies to tackle it. But in a desperate attempt to play politics with the climate, Sunak risks haemorrhaging his party’s support in Tory strongholds and key marginals,” said Greenpeace UK campaigner Georgia Whitaker.

“This endless flip-flopping on such vital issues will not only leave people with higher bills and a damaged economy, but it could badly backfire against Sunak’s party at the next election unless the government changes tack.”

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Actor and Greenpeace UK ambassador Peter Capaldi said:“It can feel overwhelming when you look at the crises we are facing, like the cost of living, extreme weather, and pollution choking our rivers and seas”.

“But none of this is inevitable and, although we’re clearly already suffering the effects of extreme weather, there’s still time to change direction.”

“I stand with people all over the country who are demanding climate action for our economy and our planet. A safer, healthier future for all is within our grasp if politicians can be bold and brave enough to deliver it.”

“It’s up to us to demand that our political leaders listen, and deliver on what the country and our children deserve.”


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