Dale Vince joins over 900 academics calling for plant-based university catering

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has joined over 900 academics and campaigners calling for universities to transition to 100% plant-based catering to tackle climate change.

The open letter from Plant-Based Universities comes after a recent Oxford University study suggested that a plant-based food system would have 75% less environmental impact than the current system.

Vince said an animal-free catering will tackle the climate crisis and “boost student health too.”

“Animal farming is a major driver of the climate crisis, the single biggest cause of the global wildlife crisis and is simply economic madness,” he added.

“We have to feed far more good plant protein to animals than we get back out,” Vince continued.

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The campaigner’s co-founder Nathan McGovern said: “The response across academia in the past day has been incredible. We’ve seen countless professors and lecturers come out in support of 100% just and sustainable plant-based university catering.”

“We are thrilled with this, but will also make sure it doesn’t stop here. Our campaigners are working in over 70 UK universities, and abroad, to push through this common sense switch to help universities tackle the climate and ecological crises.”

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