Ofgem price cap: Renewable projects are the ‘only way’ to lower bills, says Greenpeace

Commenting on Ofgem’s latest price cap announcement, Greenpeace climate campaigner Georgia Whitaker says renewable projects are the “only way to truly achieve energy security and lower bills”.

Ofgem’s latest energy price cap falls below £2,000 for the first time in 18 months, saving households an average of £151 on the previous quarter, but consumer groups have warned customers will still face high bills.

Ofgem CEO Jonathan Brearley said it is “welcome news” that the price cap continues to fall but “can’t offer any certainty that things will ease this winter”.

Cornwall Insight consultant Dr Craig Lowrey said that the “modest drop” in the price cap won’t make a “substantial difference” to household bills.

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Looking towards renewable energy

Whitaker stated that the government needs to change its focus from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

“Renewables are consistently the cheapest, cleanest form of power there is – making them the backbone of our energy system must be the priority,” she said.

“The government harps on about energy security and reducing fossil fuel imports but new renewable projects – the only way to truly achieve this and lower bills – are grinding to a halt thanks to insufficient subsidies and a lack of political will.

“As well as a huge increase in wind and solar power, we urgently need a nationwide scheme to insulate homes and switch boilers for heat pumps. This would make homes warmer, allow them to use less energy and get bill payers off eye-wateringly expensive gas, once and for all,” she added.

“Fossil fuels got us into this mess, climate solutions can get us out. But the fact that our government is doubling down on oil and gas, ditching green policies and failing to insulate homes, shows you where its priorities lie,” Whitaker concluded.

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