New £10m Community Energy Fund for communities to develop green power

The government has unveiled a £10 million Community Energy Fund to help communities develop local renewable projects.

Both urban and rural communities will have the chance to win a portion of the new grant, with applications opening in early Autumn.

Projects will aim to generate clean energy, such as rural heat networks or rooftop solar, as well as battery storage, rural heat networks, electric vehicle charging points, and fuel poverty alleviation schemes – all proposed, designed and owned by local people.

Funding will also support local jobs and growth, build stronger communities, and enable places to directly benefit from clean, affordable, locally sourced energy.

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Minister for nuclear and networks Andrew Bowie said local communities are “at the heart” of the government’s plans to boost energy security.

“With it, they’ll be able to drive forward innovative energy projects that will have a lasting positive impact, bringing costs down, building stronger communities, and securing clean energy for generations to come,” he added.

“Importantly, these energy projects could expand beyond local areas by attracting further investment from the private sector, in turn inspiring other communities to power their area with energy from England.”

Promoting local growth, surplus money generated from the schemes can go directly back to the community through funding local projects such as community gardens and youth employment groups.

The fund will act as a catalyst for attracting private investment to scale up projects further down the line, supporting high-quality jobs and growth in the area.

The Community Energy Fund follows the success of the former Rural Community Energy Fund, expanding the remit to include renewable energy investment for both rural and urban areas.

As with the Rural Community Energy Fund, the new fund will be delivered through Local Net Zero Hubs, which support local authorities to develop net zero projects and attract commercial investment.


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