Over 100 professional athletes call on Lululemon to phase out fossil fuels

Over 100 professional athletes have called on Lululemon to phase out fossil fuels and commit to 100% wind and solar energy in its supply chain by 2030.

The athletes, represented by EcoAthletes and supported by Action Speaks Louder, have signed an open letter to Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald urging the brand to become “the leader on climate action that sports and communities need.”

Lululemon has made a commitment to renewable energy in their own operations such stores, offices and warehouses but athletes argue that this is not enough as “most of their suppliers are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, with only 2% powered by renewable energy.”

“As part of this, Lululemon must phase out dangerous fossil fuels from its supply chain and support its suppliers to transition to clean energy sources in order to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change,” the campaigners continued.

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The brand has committed to a 60% intensity-based reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chain by 2030. EcoAthletes argue however that as the brand continues to grow, emissions are likely to soar well past a 1.5C aligned pathway.

In its latest report from 2021, Lululemon reported scope 3 emissions represent 99.7% of its total emissions.

Last year, the Guardian reported that Lululemon was responsible for emitting 20,374 tonnes of CO2 through activities it could directly control. But these were massively outweighed by the 381,797 tonnes of CO2e from its Scope 3 emissions.

The company has a target to cut these emissions per dollar of revenue by 60% by 2030, which means while emissions per dollar may go down, if revenue rises then actual emissions could go up.

Sustainability Beat has contacted Lululemon for comment.

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