McCain launch new regenerative farming campaign to keep UK chips on the menu

McCain Foods has unveiled a new television campaign called ‘Let’s All Chip In’, which highlights the need to scale up the regenerative agriculture transition to ensure the long term viability of UK potato farming.

The video features Iain Sterling away from his usual recording studio, spending time with McCain farmer Imogen Stanley at her family’s Oxfordshire farm and learning about regenerative farming and its environmental positives.

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It follows recent McCain research which highlighted that around a third of Brits don’t know what farms do or where their food comes from, with Gen Z over four times more likely than over 55s to admit a lack of understanding.

Despite this, Gen Z were also found to be twice as likely concerned about the environment and the way the products they buy are produced as over 55s (57% v 29%).

“We are pleased to launch our new “Let’s All Chip In” campaign to highlight the need to scale up the transition to regenerative agriculture. The case for making our food systems more sustainable and resilient has never been clearer, and we believe agriculture is an integral part of the solution,” said McCain Foods VP Agriculture James Young.

“We are very proud to now raise awareness with our consumers about the fantastic progress that is ongoing on farm as we work towards our 100% Regenerative Agriculture ambition by 2030,” he continued.

The campaign comes in the wake of a range of other recent sustainability-driven moves from McCain including a partnership with Natwest to support farmers transitioning to more sustainable farming practices.

Other initiatives include grants for crop seed and covering soil health assessments and free pollinator.

McCain has also joined the Sustainable Markets Initiative Agribusiness TaskForce alongside a range of other businesses and NGO in a move to help accelerate the development of greener farming practises, and plans to implement 100% regenerative agriculture across its potato farms by 2050.

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