Lord Deben: ‘The science tells us it is getting worse and worse’

Lord Deben has warned “the science tells us that [climate change] is getting worse and worse”, in response to clashing Westminster green politics.

Speaking to Sky News, the former chairman of the Climate Change Committee emphasised getting down to net zero as soon as possible as the “quicker we do it, the cheaper and more effective it is.”

According to Lord Deben, the UK is the country with the largest number of private aeroplane take-offs.

“Private aeroplanes are polluting more than any other aeroplanes,” he said.

“Why on earth don’t we restrict those rather than restricting the sort of place which takes people on a well-deserved holiday.”

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Lord Deben also expressed his concerns about “certain voices being magnified instead of the sensible statement” from climate scientists.

“There are several people around who frankly are telling lies about it they don’t want to face this there are three newspapers which every day pretend that we don’t have to fight climate change,” he said.

Earlier this week, government sources revealed prime minister Rishi Sunak was open’ to reviewing the 2030 petrol and diesel car ban, although Michael Gove asserted otherwise.

Gove told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We’re committed to maintaining our policy of ensuring that by 2030 there are no new petrol and diesel cars being sold.”

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