Adidas tests out shoe recycling with circular footwear pilot

Adidas, Inditex, Zalando and Target are collaborating with FastFeetGrinded to test out their recycling processes as they drive forward footwear recycling and encourage circularity.

The move, which will also see the retailers introduce more secondary materials into their footwear, comes as part of the  Fashion For Good innovation platform which works within the fashion industry to help improve sustainability.

FastFeetGrinded deconstructs shoes into macro-components that can then be repurposed and reused, with the process used to make items like outsoles, midsoles and flip flops.

Following the trial Fashion For Good, Adidas and the rest of the retailers will work with FastFeetGrinded’s supply chain partners to help use the technology to drive a scalable solution across the industry.

It comes as growing consumption means the demand for raw materials is expected to triple by 2025, with the footwear sector consequently looking to circular economy initiatives to reduce its reliance on virgin materials.

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“This project will be a first in the footwear industry to allow us to understand the sustainable recycling technologies and infrastructures needed to accelerate the transition towards a circular future.”

“By fostering collaborative partnerships like this, where companies come together to share knowledge and validate innovation, we pave the way for scalable solutions,” said Fashion For Good managing director Katrin Ley.

FastFeetGrinded ceo Danny Pormes added: “As a frontrunner in circular footwear, we will show the world the endless possibility with our raw material granulates.”

The move comes as fast fashion players have been called out over the veracity of their recycling processes, and over issues within their supply chains.

Other initiatives such as the Fashion Leap for Climate platform which Zalando has also joined seek to address emissions within the sector.

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