Ex-Formula One world champ Vettel fears F1 ban due to climate crisis

Ex-Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel has shared his fears that the motorsport could be banned due to climate change.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2023 was cancelled following intensive rainfall in Imola, while the Candian Grand Prix was briefly under threat of wildfires.

Recently, Goodwood Festival of Speed was cancelled for the first time in its 30-year history due to strong winds in Britain, as a fierce heatwave swept Europe.

Vettel told media: “Imola got cancelled. Obviously, yesterday, the event got cancelled. I think there is a direct relation between extreme weathers and the changing world, the warming world.”

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“I think it’s more a threat that at some point governments will be looking at things that they can cut and ban and maybe motorsport is a threat and might be one of them. That’s how far I’m thinking.”

Last year, Vettel admitted his retirement was influenced by climate crisis fears.

“Obviously, travelling the world, racing cars and burning resources, literally, are things that I cannot look away from,” he said.

“Once I think you see these things and you are aware, I don’t think you can really unsee it.

“When it comes to the climate crisis, there is no way that F1 or any sport or business can avoid it, because it impacts all of us. Maybe it’ll be pushed back or be more quiet, but it’s only a matter of time – that we don’t have.”

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